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Every First Tuesday

Every first Tuesday is our official meetup where we get together at EvoNexus* for presentations from the community and then chat at a local bar. Talks generally range from 30 to 90 minutes and are of any web or JavaScript related topic.

* always check to rsvp and verify the venue!

Every Third Tuesday

Every third Tuesday is our informal Hacknight at Fanpics where we get together for beer, pizza, chat, and code. Members of all skill levels are welcome and it's a good time for questions and discussion. If you have a particular topic, post on the meetup board to gain interest.

Check out this page for more info on parking!

Every Fourth Tuesday

Every fourth Tuesday is our North County meetup where we get together at WalmartLabs in Carlsbad for a Javascript related talk and then head over to Pizza Port Bressi Ranch for continued socializing.

Check to rsvp and check out the topic for this month.

Recent Community Posts

  • Meetup - Machine Learning in JS - 04 Nov 2014 by sandiego.js

    Join us Tuesday November 4th for an awesome speaker Machine Learning in JS by Brent Payne Brent Payne will demonstrate the use of the ConvNet.js library developed by Andrej Karpathy, a Stanford PhD student. This is a generalized package for performing deep learning. He will give a brief overview of deep learning and provide some example code for using this library. About Brent Payne Brent Payne received his Master degree in Machine Learning from University...

  • Meetup - - 07 Oct 2014 by sandiego.js

    Join us Tuesday October 7th for an awesome speaker by Andrew Reedy is a free, open source JavaScript framework that helps you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen. is a great replacement for HTML5 / DOM interactions in the browser. Andrew will give an overview of the basics of and how his team uses it to achieve native feeling transitions and interactions in cross-platform mobile applications using purely Javascript. With...

  • North County Meetup - Programming With Functions - 23 Sep 2014 by sandiego.js

    Join us Tuesday September 23 in North County for an introduction to functional programming with JavaScript. Presentation Links Check out the slides from Jesse's talk here! Programming with Functions by Jesse Williamson Functional programming is everywhere, and while there may be debate over whether JavaScript could be considered a functional language, it does have one big thing going for it: first-class functions. Functions allow for a great deal of flexibility in our code, but coding...

  • Full-stack Web Developer at Sony - 12 Sep 2014 by sandiego.js

    Full-stack Web Developer Changes are happening within Sony Electronics, pushing hard toward the cutting edge of Web and Mobile Development, and our team is leading that charge. This is an exciting time to work at Sony, as we create a presence for ourselves in the Web Development community. Our efforts are well-received, and our team size is growing. We’re looking for like-minded, passionate professionals who want to make a difference. If you’re passionate about advancing...

  • Fulltime or contract, open source project at Oakleon - 07 Sep 2014 by sandiego.js

    Oakleon Oakleon is an early stage startup based in San Diego. We are building an adaptable data platform for real-time business operations. The Job Build a front-end for our data platform. The current iteration is based on react.js (from facebook) as we like building software in a functional style and react makes that easy. Components will include mapping, charting, scheduling and dynamic form generation. The goal is a declarative system that adapts to the data...

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