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Every First Tuesday

Every first Tuesday is our official meetup where we get together at EvoNexus* for presentations from the community and then chat at a local bar. Talks generally range from 30 to 90 minutes and are of any web or JavaScript related topic.

* always check to rsvp and verify the venue!

Every Second Wednesday

Every second Wednesday is our official Ember meetup where we get together primarily at EvoNexus* for presentations, workshops, or casual discussion. We then carry our conversations to a local bar for some drinks.

* sometimes this won't be on Wednesday, or at EvoNexus so always check to rsvp and verify the venue!

Every Third Tuesday

Every third Tuesday is our informal Hacknight at Fanpics where we get together for beer, pizza, chat, and code. Members of all skill levels are welcome and it's a good time for questions and discussion. If you have a particular topic, post on the meetup board to gain interest.

Check out this page for more info on parking!

Every Fourth Tuesday

Every fourth Tuesday is our North County meetup where we get together at WalmartLabs in Carlsbad for a Javascript related talk and then head over to Pizza Port Bressi Ranch for continued socializing.

Check to rsvp and check out the topic for this month.

Recent Community Posts

  • Front End Web Developer - Estimize Inc - 11 Feb 2015 by sandiego.js

    You are someone who: is an expert in HTML, CSS and Javascript, but probably has a few favorite pre-processors (Sass, Jade, etc) is opinionated when it comes to UX/UI, and isn't afraid of a little design (don't worry though, we have an amazing designer) has strong, proven experience with at least one client-side Javascript framework (Angular, Ember, Backbone, etc) enjoys passionate debates about what constitutes proper use of list elements (and similar) is legally able...

  • Mid-County Meetup - Dependency Injection - 10 Feb 2015 by sandiego.js

    Join us Tuesday February 10th at a new location in the UTC area for a look at dependency injection. Inside The Matrix - Dependency Injection for Mere Mortals by Todd Bashor Dependency injection is one of those mysterious concepts you have heard of but may not feel like you have a complete handle on. In this presentation, we'll clarify what DI is and give you a practical and powerful way of implementing it using architect.js....

  • North County Meetup - Inside Angular - 27 Jan 2015 by sandiego.js

    Join us Tuesday January 27 in North County for a look inside AngularJS. Inside Angular: How this painkiller works by Kai Chen Angular takes away a lot of the pain in javascript web development. In this presentation we take a brief and partial tour of Angular's source code, as well as some parts of Angular-UI, to study how this is achieved. Many angular concepts, such as DI, services, directives, scope, data and event binding, become...

  • Front End Web Developer - Reflexion Health - 12 Jan 2015 by sandiego.js

    Who is Reflexion Health? We are a small, world class team looking to transform healthcare. Together, we are creating exceptional, engaging medical software that helps healthcare professionals do their jobs better and lets us all fall in love with our own healthcare all over again (…or, maybe, just for the first time). Just because healthcare is serious business doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. And along the way, how about we aim higher?...

  • Rockstar Full-Stack Web Developer - SignSpan Corporation - 29 Nov 2014 by sandiego.js

    Rockstar Full-Stack Web Developer - SignSpan Corporation About SignSpan SignSpan is a visionary startup company providing a premiere digital advertising platform to business customers around the world. Based in San Diego, SignSpan offers cloud services that are linked to an exclusive digital signage network. Using SignSpan, customers can easily create and manage their advertising messages with unparalleled control and ease. About You SignSpan is looking for a rockstar full-stack web developer to help construct its...

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